22 June 2009

Be Bold

Quote of the Day:
Approval ratings for Republicans hit an all-time low last week in both the New York Times/CBS News and Wall Street Journal/NBC News polls. That’s what happens when a party’s most creative innovations are novel twists on old-fashioned sex scandals. Just when you thought the G.O.P. could never match the high bar set by Larry Craig’s men’s room toe-tapping, along came Senator John Ensign of Nevada, an ostentatiously pious born-again Christian whose ecumenical outreach drove him to engineer political jobs for his mistress, her cuckolded husband and the couple’s son. At least it can no longer be said that the Republicans have no plan for putting Americans back to work.
-Frank Rich, beginning his column in yesterday's NY Times.

Now, if President Obama would only take the same approach to the opposition. Because if the roles were reversed (see "2002, election of") you know damn well the GOP would be kicking the Democrats while they were down.

I was all for the president's talk of bipartisanship, but the Republicans continue to refuse him at every turn. So fuck 'em. Our ship of state is perilously close to sinking, and it seems the Democrats are the only ones who wish to save her. But they need to be bold. Half measures aren't going to work.