29 June 2009

I leave town for a few days...

Just back from our long weekend and I am catching up on all the crazy news of the last few days. I was able to receive texts on my iPhone but couldn't respond to them or log on to the internet. (AT&T: More lost calls in more places!)

I am tired and cranky and am about to veg on the sofa, but a few quick thoughts on the major items of the weekend:

Michael Jackson: His death came out of nowhere, but I am not all that surprised...that his heart gave out, that he didn't have his affairs in order, and that his father is using the tragedy to make a few bucks.

Farrah Fawcett: The poor woman is no longer in pain.

Billy Mays: Well, your TV will be a lot more quiet, no?

Obama and the gays: He talks a good talk, and I will certainly hold him to his promises. If we get to early 2012 and nothing has been done regarding DADT and DOMA, I will have to take a serious look at other candidates.