30 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

An absolute smash from the summer of '76. (That hair! Her little disco suit! The singer screams "Rollergirl" from "Boogie Nights.")

"More, More, More" by the Andrea True Connection

29 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

This disco jam is one of those you could put in the "lost gem" category. Before recording "Last Dance," Donna Summer released a double-LP entitled "Once Upon A Time." Produced by the legendary Giorgio Moroder, the album went double platinum and spawned a small hit with the single "I Love You."

It was the follow up to that single though that packed the dance floors during the summer of 1978, taking the song straight to #1 on the Disco Chart. It's included here as part of the Songs of Summer series.

"Rumour Has It" by Donna Summer
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The Boys of San Francisco


American Healthcare

Quote of the Day:
Of course we have heard all about "socialized medicine," which among many evils denies you freedom of choice of hospitals and doctors. Hold on: That's the free-enterprise HMO system.
-Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert, on Michael Moore's new documentary "Sicko."

First off, it really is nice to have Ebert back. After flirting with death last summer following surgery, he is still under the daily care of a nurse.

And I guess that's why his is the first review I've read of Moore's new film. He loved it of course (Ebert is notoriously liberal), and while his healthcare has been top of the line, he understands what way to many Americans are going through.

I hope to see the movie sooner rather than later, and will review here once I have.

28 June 2007

The Shitty Drivers of Alameda

Since well before her troubles with the law, I have often wondered why so many of today's young ladies admire an imbicile like Paris Hilton.

Yesterday, I figured it out: They could care less about anyone or anything but themselves.

I was leaving Walgreens in in Alameda during my lunch break when a blonde bitch in a Jetta pulls out of the Burger King in the same shopping center. Unfortunately, I got stuck behind her while...

A. She talked on her cell phone, and
B. At the same time tried to take food from the Burger King bag and hand it to her brats in the back seat.

All the while, her car is creeping along at about 2 mph toward the sidewalk and the busy main street.

I sighed. I was running late and had to be back at the office for a meeting. So, I honked my horn.

Her little blonde head flipped up and stared at me through her rearview mirror. I motioned with my hands for her to move forward, and then motioned in back of me at the FOUR other cars waiting for her to multi-task while she drove herself and her kids into oncoming traffic.

What does the bitch do? She throws her head out her window, rips her faux-Gucci sunglasses of her face, and starts screaming about how she JUST left Burger King and needed to FEED her kids and that we're going to have to wait.

Before I could scream back that she needed to pull over and feed her offspring out of the way of the exit lane, fate intervened. Her Jetta was crossing over the sidewalk and a homeless man walked right into her path.

She didn't hit him, thankfully. He pounded on her hood, she braked, and apparently one her kids drinks went flying onto the car floor.

Bitchie Driver started screaming that it was OUR fault, that I needed to calm down and then yelled at the homeless guy that he needed to watch for traffic.

(Because, you know, it's a PEDESTRIAN'S responsibility to watch for careless hoo hoos who, while driving, do everything else but drive.)

But, after she pulled out and went on her way and I was able to get out of that shopping center, I couldn't help but wonder...I bet you any amount of money that one of the many letters of support Paris Hilton received while in jail came from Li'l Miss Bitchie Driver from Alameda.

For they are exactly alike in so many ways, and both exemplify the unfortunate state of affairs when it comes to the young ladies of this generation.

I then put in my P!nk CD and drove back to work listening to "Stupid Girls."

Picture of the Day

Jupiter and the Milky Way, taken last month by Jimmy Westlake at Colorado Mountain College in Stagecoach, Colorado.

The Songs of Summer

From early summer, 1986...

"Something About You" by Level 42

The Gore Factor

A new Suffolk University poll in New Hampshire shows Sen. Hillary Clinton (Democrat-NY) with a commanding lead in her party's presidential primary there. She leads Sen. Barack Obama 37% to 19%.

BUT...when asked who they'd vote for if former Vice-President Al Gore were to enter the race, then Gore beats Hillary.

As each day passes, my distaste for a Clinton candidacy grows by a mile. I like Sen. Clinton and I used to think she'd make a great president, but the closer we get to the nominating elections, the more I realize she'd be the Democrats worst nightmare. Congress would swing back to Republican control in a Clinton presidency, and she'd more than likely find herself losing a second term (if she could win a first one, that is...and even with the White House ripe for the picking, Sen. Clinton might well be the one cadidate to keep it in Republican hands).

Right now my favorites in the field are Obama, Richardson, and Biden. But if none them start to catch fire by Labor Day...

I beg of you Mr. Gore...PLEASE! RUN!

27 June 2007

Bush's British Bitch Boy, Blair

Within hours of his resignation, Mr. Blair accepted the White House's offer to become International Envoy to the Middle East.

On their editorial page today, the Daily Mirror wrote:
Even our moderate Arab allies say that Mr. Blair's credibility in the region is in pieces...
...and that Blair...
...merely parrots the U.S. line while privately wringing his hands.
Yeah...in the end this is essentially another example of a Bush crony getting a job he really shouldn't have.

Jennifer vs. Jennifer

'twas a DivaFest at the BET Awards this week. Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson did "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" with the song's original Diva, Ms. Jennifer Holliday.

Take a look at the knock out performance:

(Hat tip: Fernando)

To the Boys...


Fernando Ventura and Greg Sherrell announced this morning that they have signed a new three-year deal to continue as morning personalities at KNGY-FM (Energy 92.7) here in San Francisco.

As the first commercial gay morning radio show in the United States, Fernando and Greg are breaking barriers and stereotypes within the industry. Compared to the shock jocks and conservative blow hards that seem to be dominating the airwaves these days, "Fernando and Greg In the Morning" is a breath of fresh air.

Congratulations, boys. We're glad to have you around for another three years.

(Photo: Greg & Fernando's MySpace page)

The Songs of Summer

From 24 summers back...

"She's A Beauty" by the Tubes

Blair Resigns

Tony Blair has officially resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His letter of resignation was handed to the Queen during a private meeting earlier today. Chancellor Gordon Brown will succeed Blair upon request by the Queen to take over as P.M. and form a new government.

Tony will however continue in his role as Bush's British Bitch Boy.

New Obama Ad

It will play in Iowa, and features praise from Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard...a Republican.

Several friends have told me they "don't think a black man can win the presidency." I disagree. The way I see it, Americans would take a black man over Hillary in a heartbeat. Disenchanted moderate to liberal Republicans (maybe even a few conservative evangelicals) would back Sen. Obama for president. But Hillary? They'd vote for Lucifer before casting a ballot for "that woman."

See Obama's new ad here.

Heck of Job

For several tense minutes yesterday morning, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) accidentally activated the Emergency Alert System in the Chicago area. The real thing, not the 8-second test signal you see on TV every so often.

When the system is activated, one single outlet takes over the signals of all TV and radio stations in that specific metropolitan area to announce a major crisis. In Chicago, that responsibility falls to powerhouse news/talk station WGN-AM.

So, imagine the shock and horror yesterday when listeners up and down the radio dial suddenly heard WGN morning personality Spike O'Dell interrupting the shows they were listening to and wondering out loud what was going on.

Tom Langmyer, Vice-President and General Manager of WGN-AM:
This system is designed for immediate takeover of the station as soon as the Emergency Action Notification code is received. There is no time to react to it, and we are not supposed to abort it because it could be a real alert.
So, what happened? It seems FEMA didn't tell the Illinois Emergency Management Agency that the internal tests would be conducted Tuesday.

The federal government under George W. Bush...as incompetent as ever.

26 June 2007

Ann Coulter Is a Cunt

Sorry, folks. There really is no other way to put it. It's a word I would normally not use on the blog, but Coulter certainly defines it. The woman...sorry...that's an insult to women everywhere...the vile conservative bitch-whore...has insulted Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a few too many times, and in the poorest of poor taste accused him of using his dead son for political gain.

Today, Elizabeth Edwards called in to MSNBC's "Hardball" to confront Coulter. Click here to see the video.

Update: Apparently, Elizabeth Edwards' call was prompted in part by a comment made by Coulter on "Good Morning America" Monday:
If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.
My question is this: Why do major media outlets like ABC and MSNBC give air time to someone like Coulter?

You Asked For It, You Got It

This is what happens when you don't fully think through the long-term consequences of your vote for president...

In three separate 5 to 4 rulings, the highly political and conservative Supreme Court yesterday ruled...

1. That taxpayer money can be used to fund religious-based organizations, despite that pesty phrase early on in the Constitution about a separation between church and state;

2. That a banner held by a high school student off school property is not protected by free speech. (In fact, Justice Clarence Thomas went so far as to rule that primary and high school students don't have a right to free speech, period. What the fuck!?);

3. Took a radically right turn away from campaign finance legislation.

Can the United States really afford another four-year Republican presidential term? The blatant fascism of these guys should scare Americans to their very core.

Poor Fella

CNN's Nancy Grace, whose own self-importance caused a woman who was grief-stricken over the disappearance of her child to commit suicide, has married and is knocked up.

Not exactly what you picture in your mind's eye when you think of the term "bride," is she?

25 June 2007

Images From San Francisco Pride, 2007

Post-Pride Monday

A special shout out to: Mark, Don, Gil, Duane, Larry, Trevor, Tim, Stephen, Chris, Hector, Diane, Steve, Jan, and, of course, my honey...for making this Pride so amazing!

Big hugs all around.

23 June 2007

Aww, Shucks

From Joe Bayliss, CEO of Energy 92.7 here in SF:

I just wanted to jot a quick note of thanks for your support on your blog I read this AM (Greg forwarded me the link). I appreciate the support.

And by the way, you are a hell of a writer!

Hope you enjoy the PRIDE weekend!
My pleasure, Mr. Bayliss. Happy Pride all around.

22 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

From July of 2000, here is a an absolute jam from one of the more under-appreciated groups of the decade.

"Strangelove Addiction" by the Supreme Beings of Leisure

26 Percent

That's the portion of Americans who approve of the way President Bush is doing his job. Three points lower than his father's lowest score, two points lower than Carter's. Three more points and he'll be as unpopular as Richard Nixon.

Frankly, I don't see how he improves all that much between now and the end of his term. And we all have to live through it for another 19 months!

Baby Steps

The U.S. Senate last night passed legislation that would boost mandatory fuel efficiency standards to 35 miles per gallon by the year 2020, and require that half of all new cars run on 85 percent ethanol or biodiesel fuel by 2015. The vote was 65 to 27.

Better late than never, I guess; and this bill certainly doesn't go far enough fast enough. But it's a step in the right direction.

The legislation may stall in the House of Representatives, though. Congressman John Dingell (Democrat-MI), a close ally of the whiney auto industry, has indicated his committee (Energy) will not even consider the bill until the fall. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Democrat-CA) said she will put pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push the legislation through despite Dingell's objections.

If Pelosi knows what's good for her, and for the country, she'll tell Dingell to shut the hell up, improve on the bill a bit, and put the legislation on the floor for a full vote.

The Hillary Dilemma

Quote of the Day #2:
Democrats would probably pay a sizeable price throughout the 2010s for a Clinton victory in 2008.
-Larry Sabato, on what would happen should Hillary Clinton be elected president.

Yeah, the way I see it she would be a sure bet to lose Congress for the Democrats by 2010, and could very well hand the White House back to the Republicans in 2012.

Republican Incompetence

Quote of the Day:
The fact is Giuliani has no idea what he's talking about...As the mayor of New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, he may have lived more intimately with the consequences of terrorism, but this has no bearing on his inexperience or his scant insight in the realm of foreign policy. He is, in fact, that most dangerous would-be world leader: a man who doesn't seem to know how much he doesn't know.
-Fred Kaplan, on the fact that Republican presidential frontrunner Rudy Giuliani doesn't seem the least bit intersted in the most important issue of the coming election (Iraq), and calling it like it is on his foreign policy chops.

Do we really need another four years of George W. Bush?

Darth Cheney

Vice-President Dick Cheney claims he is not part of the executive branch of the government and is therefore not subject to presidential executive orders.

Uhhh...Dick...that line on those ballots in 2000 and 2004 said "George W. Bush and Dick Cheney ."

Cue the music:

21 June 2007

Summer Solstice

It's the longest day of the year, my friends. Happy Summer!

Bitter Queen

It seems Daniel Mason, a former DJ at KNGY-FM (Energy 92.7) here in San Francisco, is a bit bitter over being fired for slacking off on the job. In a sorry attempt to launch a boycott of the radio station's big Gay Pride dance (called "Queen") scheduled for Saturday at Pier 27, Mason and Matt Consola (owner of Redzone Records) have sent emails to local media outlets claiming Mason was fired for being HIV-positive, and that KNGY doesn't support the gay community.

All evidence to the contrary, Mr. Mason.

Energy 92.7 supports the gay community in spades (more than any other radio station in the country, I bet), and their support of HIV organizations is beyond reproach.

Matthew Baker, another former KNGY DJ who is now at KFOG-FM, has called Mason's boycott threat "retarded." And Jim Carroll, managing director at Equality California (for whom Queen is raising money), has said, "I can't think of a radio station that is more friendly to the community."

Perhaps Daniel Mason can find an empty shack somewhere along the wharf this weekend and hold a counter-event to Queen.

"Bitter Queen," anyone?

Highway Wisdom

Bumper sticker, 18th Street & Collingwood, this morning:
I do whatever my Rice Krispies tell me to.

Busted Nut

He's a frat brother, he's a robot, and he's gay. Mmm k?

Watch the hilarious pilot episode of a brand new internet series here.

(Hat tip: Mark.)

The Songs of Summer

From August of 1999...

"Summer Son" by Texas

Little Boy George and His Lapdog

Lapdog: (lăp-dôg) (n.) A submissive individual who is socially dependent on the leader of the group. The lapdog will always do what the group leader asks without question.
From the Washington Post : The Bush administration is laying the groundwork for an announcement naming outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a special envoy to the Middle East.

Because...you know...that Bush-Blair combination has worked so well for so long now.

Little Miss Chloe

Sunday afternoon nappin'.

20 June 2007

President Fuckwad

As of today he's issued three vetos in his six years in office. This is the second against a stem-cell bill.

Say it with me: The. Worst. Fucking. President. Ever.

'08 Polling Update

A new Gallup poll shows the top three announced Democratic presidential candidates beating the top three announced Republican candidates in a hypothetical 2008 contest.

All three Democrats win landslides over Mitt Romney; they win pretty comfortably against Rudy Giuliani; and win with small margins over John McCain.

The numbers:

Clinton 53%, Romney 40%
Obama 57%, Romney 36%
Edwards 61%, Romney 32%

Clinton 49%, McCain 46%
Obama 48%, McCain 46%
Edwards 50%, McCain 44%

Clinton 50%, Giuliani 46%
Obama 50%, Giuliani 45%
Edwards 50%, Guuliani 45%

That Edwards vs Romney number is quite impressive, but I think that is mainly due to the fact that Edwards was the V.P. nominee for the Democrats the last time around and that Romney still has yet to gain name recognition with ordinary Americans.

None the less, this is polling done a year-and-a-half before Election Day. These numbers will bounce back and forth, in some cases wildly, between now and next year.


In case you missed it, my review of "Michael Tolliver Lives" was posted yesterday. You can read it here.

Third Party Candidates

The chart above (from the NY Times) shows how successful third-party candidates have fared in presidential elections over the last century. Of the five most successful candidates, three helped the party on the opposite side of the political spectrum win the White House.

1912: Former Republican President Teddy Roosevelt, unimpressed with his Republican successor's term in office, attempts to win the White House as a member of the Bull Moose Party. The result: President Taft comes in an embarassing third, Roosevelt a strong second, and Democrat Woodrow Wilson becomes president.

1980: Liberal Illinois Republican John Anderson runs a independent campaign to the left of President Jimmy Carter and Republican candidate John Anderson.

1992: Texas billionaire Ross Perot bankrolls his own bid for the presidency, helping incumbent George H. W. Bush tally an abysmal 37% of the popular vote and lose the White House to Democrat Bill Clinton.

What could this mean for a potential Bloomberg candidacy? It's hard to say at this point, but I stand by my comment from earlier this morning: He's bound to hurt the Democratic ticket more than the Republican ticket.

Bloomberg Leaves Republican Party

In what many in the political punditry will interpret as a coming run for the presidency, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that he is leaving the Republican Party...
I have filed papers with the New York City Board of Elections to change my status as a voter and register as unaffiliated with any political party...

As a political independent, I will continue to work with those in all political parties to find common ground, to put partisanship aside and to achieve real solutions to the challenges we face.
Bloomberg was never really a Republican to begin with. He's always held relatively liberal views on social policy and made the switch from Democrat to Republican in 2001 in order to run for Mayor.

That he's dropped his Republican affiliation shouldn't surprise anyone. The party has taken a fascist turn, especially in the years following 9/11; and with the Iraq War in shambles, a Republican president who is extremely unpopular, and a party in shambles going into next year's presidential election, Bloomberg figured the game was over and it was time to remove that "R" from his name.

If he is preparing for an independent run for the presidency, then the Democratic advantage going into 2008 will evaporate rather quickly. A Bloomberg candidacy would hand normally Democratic states to the Republican ticket. At least that's the way I see it from June of 2007.

19 June 2007

"Michael Tolliver Lives" by Armistead Maupin

I was late coming to Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" books. It wasn't until the broadcast of the 1994 television mini-series (based on the first book) that I was introduced to the residents of "28 Barbary Lane" and their San Francisco compatriots. From that point on I was hooked. I devoured the remaining five books of the series ("More Tales of the City," "Further Tales of the City," "Babycakes," "Significant Others," and "Sure of You") in less than two weeks. Michael, Anna, Mary Ann, and the rest of the gang helped me fall in love with the city of San Francisco, visiting time and again in awe and wonderment before finally settling here last year.

Over the years, when running across a repeat of the mini-series on cable, I have often wondered where those beloved charcters would be today if they really existed (the final book took place between late 1988 and early 1989).

I wonder no more.

"Michael Tolliver Lives," while not really book 7 in the "Tales" series, brings one of the most beloved characters from those books (Michael "Mouse" Tolliver) into the 21st Century. Having been diagnosed with HIV by the time the series ended in 1989, it was thought Mouse wouldn't live too far into the 1990's. But new treatment and drug cocktails have given life back to Michael. He's now 55 years old, a bit heftier in the middle and a bit hollow of face, but still living in the Castro, still best friends with Brian Hawkins, and still making his living making things grow.

This new novel is told in the first-person, from Michael's perspective. And while a few have criticized Maupin for writing this story that way, I for one thought it was brilliant. Maupin's writing style shines here, and the main reason it does is because the words are coming through that beloved sweet-spirit we all fell in love with in the original series. For the main story in "Michael Tolliver Lives" is Michael himself, and the fact that - after years of preparing to die a young man - is now faced with the fact that he will very likely die an old man.

Indeed it could be argued that aging is the underlying premise of this book. One major storyline involves Michael's right-wing christian mother dying in Florida; and another deals with Anna Madrigal, that wonderfully graceful woman who Michael now refers to as, simply, "Anna" (as opposed to "Mrs. Madrigal" all those years ago), and how she deals with the daily chore of getting by at the age of 85.

Along the way we get updates on the rest of the gang. Some are pretty lengthy, others a bit too short and to the point. Some will leave you with a big wide grin, and others will have you reaching for the tissue box.

But one thing is for sure, you won't be able to put this book down. I finished it in two evenings, as if I were back in 1994 reading those first six books for the very first time.

I know these are fictional characters, but as a relatively new San Franciscan I must say there is a certain warm comfort in knowing that the men and women who helped me fall in love with this beautiful city are still among us. Their spirits have refuelled my wonder.

The Songs of Summer

One of the absolute best pop songs of the 80s...

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

Giuliani Doesn't Care About Iraq

Republican presidential candidate (and current front-runner) Rudy Giuliani failed to attend a single meeting of the Iraq War Study Group, despite being a member.

Why? He was on the lecture circuit, raking in millions of dollars for his own personal bank account.

Ya know, this should be a bigger story than it is. The man wants to be commander-in-chief and he couldn't even fulfill his commitment to a group dedicated to fixing the war he would inherit should he become president?

If this were one of the Democratic nominees the media and the Republican candidates would be all over the story. Why not so with the over-hyped and way-underqualified Giuliani?!?

It boggles the mind.

Suicide Bombers Sent to North America & Europe

From ABC News:
Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent...to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.
This is what happens when one takes their eyes off the ball. These guys came out of Afghanistan and Pakistan, not Iraq; and if they carry out an attack in any one of the countries mentioned above, Americans will lay blame directly in the President's lap. And rightly so.

Side note: To my gay & lesbian brothers and sisters...Pride celebrations will be held this weekend in many cities around the nation. Go out, celebrate, have a great time, but just...you know...keep your eyes open.

Five to Four

Quote of the Day:
[Liberal justices] Stevens is eighty-seven and Ginsburg seventy-four; [conservative justices] Roberts, Thomas, and Alito are in their fifties. The Court, no less than the Presidency, will be on the ballot next November, and a wise electorate will vote accordingly.
-Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin in the June 25 issue of the New Yorker.

Toobin lays it on the line. Presidents extend their legacies decades beyond their terms in office through the jurists they appoint to the federal bench. George W. Bush, by appointing John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the highest court in the land, has pretty much cemented his fascist-leaning style to the next decade (at the very least). And should a Republican president succeed Mr. Bush, it will only get worse.

The issue can't be stressed strongly enough: Judges are one of the most important issues voters should weigh when making their choices for president. Unfortunately not many do oustide of the religious-fascist-conservative wing of the Republican Party. And until Americans have the police knocking on their bedroom doors or barging into their doctors offices, I'm afraid our country's downward spiral into oblivion will continue.

18 June 2007

I Know...

...I promised a review of "Michael Tolliver Lives" today, but I was up late this morning and am swamped at work today.

Before the end of the day tomorrow...I swear!

16 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

We need to make a quick visit to Sacramento this weekend. I'll be back on Monday with a review of "Michael Tolliver Lives" and of Teatro Zinzanni's "The Royale Invitation," an absolutely wonderful dinner/entertainment we enjoyed with friends last night.

In the mean time, I leave you with another one of the Songs of Summer. Going back to 1967 again, this is probably the quintessential 60's Bee Gees tune. (It is certainly one of the more covered.) Originally written for Otis Redding, he passed away before recording it. Enjoy...

"To Love Somebody"

15 June 2007

"Clinton Wins Texas"

That could be the announcement on Election Night, 2008. Don't believe me? Hillary Clinton (HILLARY CLINTON!) is only one-point behind Republicans Giuliani and McCain in current Texas polling. This in a state that hasn't gone Democratic since 1976!

Imagine if she puts a hispanic (ie: Richardson) on the ticket should she be the nominee!!


Quote of the Week:
Looking back on two decades of struggle, past the ashes of so many, to the clearing on which we now stand, it's hard not to weep. Two decades ago, marriage for gays was a pipe-dream. Some of us were ridiculed for even thinking of the idea. And yet here we are. Past the vicious attack from the president, past the cynical manipulation by Rove, past the cowardice of so many Democrats, past the rank hypocrisy of the Clintons, past the inertia of the Human Rights Campaign, past the false dawn in San Francisco, and the countless, countless debates and speeches and books and articles and op-eds. Yes, we have much more to do. Yes, we still have to win over those who see our loves as somehow destructive of the families we seek merely to affirm. Yes, we don't have federal recognition of our basic civic equality. Yes, in many, many states, we have been locked out of equality for a generation, because of the politics of fear and backlash. But look how far we've come. From a viral holocaust to full equality - somewhere in America, in the commonwealth where American freedom was born. In two decades. This is history. What a privilege to have witnessed it.

It was driven above all by ordinary gay and lesbian couples and their families - not activists, not lobbyists, not intellectuals. Couples and their families. It was driven by a brutal, sudden realization that we were far more vulnerable than we knew. In the plague years, husbands reeled as they were denied access to their own spouses in hospitals, as they were evicted from their shared homes in the immediate aftermath of terrible grief, and refused access even to funerals by estranged and often hostile in-laws. This day is for them, for all those who were abused and maligned and cast aside because they loved another human being.

...[Yesterday] America changed. The world changed. And an ancient and deep wound began, ever so slightly, to heal.
-Andrew Sullivan, who for the past two decades has made the most passionate, well parsed, and conservative arguments for gay marriage, on what yesterday's decision by the Massachusetts legislature to keep a proposed amendment banning gay marriage off the 2008 ballot really means.

The Songs of Summer

From this very summer...an absolute classic smash from the legendary Paul McCartney...off his brand new album on the MPL label entitled "Memory Almost Full," here is...

"Dance Tonight"

"Family" Values

Birth defects are exploding along the border between Arizona and Utah, an area of the country that is mega-conservative and uber-Republican.

The reason? An increase in the number babies conceived through inbreeding.

"Family" values, indeed!

Republicans For Bill

Carlos Gonzalez, the 2003 Republican candidate for mayor in Manchester, NH, has announced that he will change his voter registration from Republican to Democratic so that he can cast his vote for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in the 2008 presidential primary.

Said Gonzalez, who was defeated in '03 by incumbent Democratic Mayor Bob Baines:
Governor Bill Richardson is by far the most qualified candidate in the race for president
Hear, hear!

The Dumbing Down of America Continues

Quote of the Day:
One of the frustrations is that there is more attention on Britney Spears getting out of a car without underwear than there is about who is going to be the next president.
-Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (Republican-AR), to CNN's Political Ticker earlier this week.

Immigration Bill Returns

There have been two issues on which I have agreed whole-heartedly with President Bush (good gawd...that is SO hard to admit, let me tell ya...but hey, even the Republicans agreed with President Clinton on some issues!): the war in Afghanistan following the attacks of 9/11 (I know, I know...George totally fucked that up, but I supported him 100% those first couple of weeks) and on the immigration bill that faltered in the Senate last week.

I'm not particularly fond of the provision that requires immigrants currently in United States illegally to touch base in their home countries before returning to the U.S. to become legal citizens, and I believe there should be some rather strong language requiring any immigrant wishing to become an American citizen to learn English as part of their citizenship requirement, but overall the current bill is about as good as it's gonna get.

So news that Senate leaders have agreed to revive the stalled legislation as early is next week is most welcome. Passage is still unclear, but I believe further debate can only help the issue.

14 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

Forty years ago this month a young lady from Detroit by the name of Aretha Franklin took this jammin' classic all the way to #1. To this day it remains near the top of many music critics "best of" lists.

Fun Fact: Not many people know this, but Ms. Franklin's 1967 version of the song is a remake of an Otis Redding original (which managed to reach #35 in 1965).

"Respect" by Aretha Franklin


The Massachusetts State Legislature voted 151 to 45 not to place on the 2008 ballot a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban gay marriage, thus keeping same sex marriage legal in the state.

I'm not a big marriage proponent - whether it be male-female; male-male; or female-female. I believe people should be able to form families as they see fit and those families should, for the most part, be recognized legally without having to be sanctioned by the state.

But that aside, this is a victorious day for gays and lesbians in Massachusetts. In at least one place in America my brothers and sisters have equal protection under the law.

What a concept!

The Dumbing Down of America Is Complete

You know it's a lost cause when Americans can't even answer a simple question like "On what date did the 9/11 attacks take place?"


13 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

From early summer, 1993...

"That's the Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson


The case for strict gun control laws comes into focus: Twenty-four school-aged kids have died by gunfire this school year in Chicago.

Only a true nutcase (read: NRA) would argue that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the thugs who snuff out innocent children.

For the record, the amendment reads:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Those who use their guns to kill innocents do not a militia make; nor does securing a free state dictate the murder of that state's children.


I'm already more than half-way through "Michael Tolliver Lives." A full review later, but so far it's an excellent read...exactly what this fan has been waiting for!

However, I have one note for Mr. Maupin: The neighborhood Jake lives in is spelled D-U-B-O-C-E...not D-U-B-O-S-E.

The Shitty Drivers of Alameda, Part 3

I swear they don't know how to drive in this East Bay suburb! On my way to work yesterday some asshole driving a green Nissan Frontier with the California license plate MADRIVE (go figure) decides to ignore his red light and make a right turn without even looking to see if any traffic was coming his way. I came thisclose to hitting the son-of-a-bitch!

12 June 2007

Michael Tolliver Day

"Michael Tolliver Lives," Armistead Maupin's new novel in which he updates his beloved characters from the "Tales of the City" series, hits bookstores today. And in anticipation of the book's long-awaited release, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has declared today "Michael Tolliver Day in San Francisco."

My copy is on hold at A Different Light bookstore on Castro Street. I plan to pick it up on my way home this afternoon and bury my nose in it over the next couple of days!

(Photo: HarperCollins)

Only In Amerika

File under "What the Fuck!" - The Sunshine Project, a Berkeley, California based watchdog organization, has uncovered an Air Force request for $7.5 million to develop a chemical weapon containing a "distasteful but completely non-lethal aphrodisiac that caused homosexual behavior."

Leave it to our military brass to think the enemy would then be more interested in weapons of ass destruction (Project W.A.D.??), rather than weapons of mass destruction.

(Photo: Queer Music Heritage)

The Songs of Summer

My family left Detroit for a short two-year stint in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley in 1972 and 1973. Several songs from that period stick in my "remembory"...Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) by Lookng Glass, Alone Again by Gilbert O'Sullivan, Fool's Paradise by the Sylvers, Go All The Way by the Raspberries...

Yet it is this lost gem that most vividly recalls those days in Sun Valley, California. The act is a duo out of the Netherlands whose sole appearance in the Top 40 took this pop diddy to # 8 in July of 1972.

"How Do You Do" by Mouth and MacNeal

Obama Would Win, Hillary Would Lose

A new national poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times shows that Sen. Barack Obama (Democrat-IL) would handily beat Republicans Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney if the general election were held today. Sen. Hillary Clinton would lose in a landslide to Giuliani.

Of course things could change, but as of right now the 2008 presidential election is the Democrats to lose. And while I think Hillary would make an excellent president, the most sure fire way to ensure yet another loss next year would be for the Democrats to make her their nominee.

The Gonzales Vote

The 60 votes needed to move the no-confidence measure forward just weren't there (thanks in large part to Republican Senators who lack cajones), but I applaud the Democratic leadership for putting the resolution against the Attorney General out there. They didn't get exactly what they wanted, but they made a rather strong statement none the less.

(Side note to Senators Biden, Dodd, and Obama: I know you guys are running for president but it seems to me you need to figure out a way to keep your asses focused on your current jobs as United States Senators. Even though your votes wouldn't have made the 60 that were required, your voices were needed yesterday.)

11 June 2007

Evil and Eviler


Mike Leavitt, President Bush's Secretary of Health and Human Services, called the office of Sen. Craig Thomas (Republican-WY) on Thursday afternoon and requested a meeting with the Senator.

The thing is...Sen. Thomas passed away last Monday after a seven month battle with leukemia.

08 June 2007


The Songs of Summer

Ahhh...this superbly produced tune was in heavy rotation during the summer of 1974. I remember hearing it every Saturday when my mom put my sister and me in the car (a sky blue Ford Pinto!) and drove us to Stony Creek in suburban Detroit for a day at the beach.

"Rock the Boat" by the Hues Corporation

Light Blogging

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week or two. I've been hella-busy at work trying to catch up after losing a week to pneumonia, and this week a huge project launched.

I'll be back on track next week.

07 June 2007

Big Brother 2.0: Street View

Google's scary new toy...

Too close for comfort, if you ask me. Remember...George and Dick are watching!

06 June 2007

Obama Catches Hillary

Among national Democratic primary voters Sen. Obama trails Sen. Clinton by one percentage point, 37% to 36%. Full story here.

Only In Amerika

A 17-year-old boy has consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl. Because the act was oral and not actual intercourse, the boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison and must register as a sex offender.

Only in Republican Christian Fascist Amerika!

The Songs of Summer

From the summer of '81...

"Winning" by Santana

Through the Roof

Gas prices aren't the only ones climbing through the roof. Check out the increase in food prices since last year:
Milk - up 88%
Bread - up 83%
Eggs - up 81%
Ground Beef - 79%
Oranges - 34%
American Cheese - 33%
The list goes on. Even cat food is up over $1.00 a can!

05 June 2007

30 Months For Libby

So, the question of the hour is...When will Bush pardon him?

(Thanks to Larry - and to the 14 other emails I found after his - bringing my attention to the error in the headline. The entire administration should get 30 years...but for now I'll settle for Libby's 30 months.)

The Songs of Summer

The summer of 1983. Disco was dead and buried, but dance music was on the way back. The soundtracks to "Flashdance" and "Staying Alive" were selling millions and "Footloose" was only a year away. As a film, "Staying Alive" stunk. The sequel to "Saturday Night Fever" was absolutely abysmal and only did so-so at the box office.

None the less, the Bee Gees contributed five brilliant tunes to the picture. The first single from the set went to # 24 in June of '83. It's featured here as part of the Songs of Summer series. Enjoy...

"The Woman In You" by the Bee Gees

The News

Quote of the Day:
I'm very, very disappointed with the way the news management at my favorite network has gone. CNN has fine women and men working there...When anchors are reporting the news, they should report the news and allow the viewers at home to decide what they think about issues. I don't want to hear an anchor's personal opinion about anything. Just report the news. But CNN continues to ape many of the on-air mannerisms of the Fox News Network, and I don't like that.
-Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw, commenting on the sad state of television news in an interview with John Callaway on Chicago's PBS station WTTW.

04 June 2007

Steve Gilliard, 1966 - 2007

One of the original, passionate voices of the political blogosphere passed over the weekend. My condolences to Steve Gilliard's family and everyone at the News Blog and DailyKos.

The Songs of Summer

One of the absolute best from the summer of 1999...

"Music and Wine" by Blue Six

Run, Al, Run

Quote of the Day:
I was more convinced than ever that one of the reasons so many people are urging Gore to run is because they suspect that his recent journey -- including the devastating loss of the presidency -- have strengthened who he is at his core.

Gore is focused on the problems of environmental and cultural pollution, but perhaps his greatest strength as a leader comes from his hard-earned ability to withstand the pollution of the soul.
-Arianna Huffington, writing about her recent interview with former Vice-President Al Gore.

While talking presidential politics with friends this past weekend, they asked if I wanted Gore to run next year. I responded by saying that should the former V.P. throw his hat into the Democratic contest he would automatically have my vote.

The man is an internationally respected statesman and could run the ultimate "I-told-you-so" campaign. After eight years of the imbicile known to the world as George W. Bush, Mr. Gore would be the ideal candidate to put America and the world back on track.

A majority of those independent voters who were on the fence up until Election Day in 2000, and wound up casting a vote for Mr. Bush, would, I suspect, be more than happy to cast a vote Al Gore in 2008.

Please, Mr. Gore...RUN!

Little Miss Chloe

(Design courtesy of her Daddy!)

He's f**cking kidding with this shit, right?

James Holsinger, President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, founded Hope Springs Community Church. Their mission, according to Holsinger, is to minister to the homeless, drug and sex addicts...

...and to cure gays and lesbians.

Georgie Boy certainly has some cajones. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should kill this nomination straight away.

03 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

From last summer, here is Fergie's first venture into solo waters.


01 June 2007

The Songs of Summer

A rocker from the summer of '79...

"Renegade" by Styx

Empirical Fascism

Quote of the Day:
The very phrase used by the President to describe torture-that-isn't-somehow-torture - "enhanced interrogation techniques" - is a term originally coined by the Nazis. The techniques are indistinguishable. The methods were clearly understood in 1948 as war-crimes. The punishment for them was death.
-Andrew Sullivan, telling it like it is.

As far as I'm concerned, the torture issue more than meets the threshold with which to impeach Mr. Bush and Vice-President Cheney. And following their removal from office, the International War Crimes Tribunal should indeed put them on trial for war crimes. A guilty verdict by that body - and the subsequent punishment - may be the only way to kill the empirical fascism that has taken hold of the presidency under this administration.

Reagan, Bono, Schwarzenegger, and...

Quote of the Day #2:
It really is hilarious how right-wingers can whip themselves up into a frenzy about "Liberal Hollywood", but shriek like little girls when a Hollywood celebrity winks at them.
-Markos Moulitsas, commenting yesterday on "Law & Order" actor Fred Thompson's announcement that he is forming a presidential exploratory committee.

(Photo: Greg Saunders, by way of Daily Kos)