18 August 2009

With a Heavy Heart

After much consideration, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the suspension of this blog. Following last month's health scare I realize I just don't have the time to tend to USW right now. Between the long commutes to and from work and major projects ramping up at the office, I need to find the time to tend to my doctor's orders: exercise more and decrease my stress levels. Unfortunately, the only logical cut that can be made in my schedule at the moment is to cease blogging.

A deep, heartfelt thank you to the 400+ readers who checked in everyday. This "little blog that could" was never a DailyKos or a Daily Dish, and I never intended it to be. USW was simply a way for me to express my thoughts on matters of the day, with the occasional personal post thrown in for good measure, as well as some comedy and some music (I love my music). I would have been thrilled with 3 or 4 readers. That an average of 426 of you clicked in each weekday to see what I was rambling on about was a thrill beyond measure.

If and when I come back, the blog will be more streamlined. If and when that happens, I'll let some key players know. But for now, I need to close shop.

You all take care of yourselves...and each other.

And, again, thank you.