05 February 2010

Cluster-Fuck In Illinois

Well, we can put the race for Illinois governor in the "likely Republican" column:
It turns out that Scott Lee Cohen (D), the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor in Illinois, has more extensive problems than were reported yesterday.

In an extraordinary interview with the local CBS news affiliate, we learn Cohen's own brother sued him for $200,000, he tried to choke his wife before they were married and he didn't pay child support while spending $3 million on his primary race.

In an interview with the ABC News affiliate, Cohen also admitted to using "inject-able steroids" which "contributed to periodic episodes of violence against his family."

As for the allegations that he pulled a knife on his prostitute ex-girlfriend, Cohen claims the wounds on her throat were "self-inflicted."
For the record, no one thought Cohen would win, but now that he has the Democrats are stuck with him.

How does this effect the race for governor? In Illinois the candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor are listed as a single ticket (much like president and vice-president). So this can't be good news for the Democrats.