23 February 2010

Watered Down

Eight million jobs lost in this "Great Recession," and the Senate passes a jobs bill creating 250,000?!? Congratulations, Sen. Reid. You've passed a jobs bill that has absolutely no chance of creating jobs. You useless cuckold rooster of man.

I'm not predicting anything, BUT...if President Obama loses his bid for re-election in 2012, this bill will be reason #1 why.

I understand fully that health care is top priority. Reigning in those costs and regulating that industry are absolutely essential if our economy is to survive in the long term. HOWEVER...

I am not a political scientist, but even I can assure you that the typical American voter, including a healthy dose of those who cast their ballots for Mr. Obama, are going to recoil at an American government who pass a bare-bones jobs bill that does so very little to create the jobs needed to put Americans back to work, while at the same time spending an entire day at the White House for a health care summit in an effort to pass a bill that will cost nearly a trillion dollars.

I understand why they're doing it, but unfortunately most Americans won't.

God DAMN these people need to get their heads out of their asses.