16 December 2009

Joe and Harry

1992 Illinois Democratic Senate primary: Twelve-year incumbent Alan Dixon loses re-nomination to Carol Moseley-Braun. Dixon, ever the Democratic Party loyalist, concedes gracefully:
I spent a lifetime in Democratic politics, and I spent that lifetime in Democratic politics playing by the rules.... And I said in this primary campaign that I would support the winner, that I would endorse the winner, and that I would vote for the winner.... I accept that result just as fully as I accepted 29 good results for Alan Dixon in the past.
2006 Connecticut Democratic Senate primary: Eighteen-year incumbent Joseph Lieberman, his party's nominee for vice-president in 2000, loses re-nomination to Ned Lamont. HIS concession? Classless:
I am of course disappointed by the results, but I am not discouraged...let me tell you...I cannot and will not let this result stand.
Back in the days of Alben Barkley and Lydnon Johnson, Lieberman would have been stripped of every committee assignment and chairmanship, his seniority in the chamber rolled back to zero, and his professional life made miserable.

But in the Senate of a cuckold old rooster like Harry Reid? A turncoat like Lieberman barks and the majority leader bends over and spreads his ass open.