28 December 2009

Thoughts On Detroit

More on the attempted terrorist attack in Detroit later, but suffice it to say:

1. The President has done the right thing in not putting these thugs front and center by rushing back to D.C. to tend to the follow-up investigation. (I don't know that I would have played golf, but that's just me.) That said, Mr. Obama is monitoring events and his team has been hard at work since the 25th.

2. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's contention that "the system worked" is way off base. Obviously it didn't. The "system" as it stands does not, I presume, take into account the fact that airline passengers function as air marshalls. Granted, the system broke down in Niger and the Netherlands, as well as the United States, and the American government needs to work in concert with both of those countries to put a working system in place; but to say the system worked is arrogant along the lines of the Bush administration. One way Napolitano can redeem herself? She can fire the staffer responsible for letting this guy slip through the cracks.