18 December 2009

Point, Counterpoint

Nate Silver and Markos Moulitsas debate the current Senate health care proposal, with Silver thinking we should take what we can get and Moulitsas thinking we should jettison the plan and start from scratch.

In hindsight, this probably should have been approached at more piecemeal pace, with a ban on pre-existing conditions and policy cancellations, along with some serious cost control measures put into place in one bill, then tackling how to insure the uninsured later.

That said, I tend to agree with Silver at this point. We should take what we can get at right now, because with 2010 being an election year, most of Congress won't touch a revised bill. And with the Democrats more than likely to lose a significant number of seats in that election, the chances of doing something in 2011 are almost nil. In fact, if the current bill isn't considered (or if it fails) we won't see significant health care legislation for at least another generation.