23 October 2009

Dubya's Legacy

He really is the GOP's Jimmy Carter.

A new poll from DailyKos/Research 2000 shows Americans view of the Republican Party at its lowest level in decades. 67% of Americans view the GOP negatively, while a new CNN poll shows 53% view the Democratic Party favorably.

Yet, many Republican operatives are predicting a 1994-style takeover of congress in next year's mid-term elections. While it is very likely that the GOP will pick up seats in both the House and the Senate, especially if unemployment is still above 8%, I highly doubt that an out and out take over by the Republicans will take place - not with the bat-shit crazies in charge of their party and the resulting anemic approval ratings. In fact, if their approval numbers and reputation don't improve by next year, they may find themselves losing a third straight election.

Forced to predict a year out, I'd say 2010 will resemble 1998 more than 1994. During the mid-term election of President Clinton's second term, the Republicans overreached on the Monica Lewinsky matter, impeaching Mr. Clinton when most Americans clearly didn't want to go that route. The rabid, wing-nut Republicans clearly hurt their party, who unexpectedly (but deservedly) lost five seats in the House in that election, and made no pick ups in the Senate.

Then again, in October 2007 Hillary Clinton was on her way to the White House. So who knows what things will look like next November.