26 October 2009

The Morning News

- Three separate helicopter crashes in Afghanistan have killed 11 American soldiers and three civilian contractors. NATO and American officials say two copters collided in midair in the southern part of the country, killing four; and a the third, killing seven, went down during a firefight in western Afghanistan.

- Meanwhile, the death toll in Baghdad from two suicide bomber attacks yesterday has reached 155, with more than 500 suffering injuries. President Obama called the bombings "outrageous attacks" that "reveal the hateful and destructive agenda of those who would deny the Iraqi people the future that they deserve."

- Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic failed to appear at his trial on 11 international charges of genocide and war crimes. A legal adviser for Mr. Karadzic told the BBC he would not appear as he still needed at least nine months to prepare his defense.

- The Eiffel Tower began her 120th birthday celebration this past weekend.

- A federal judge has ordered the proponents of last year's Prop 8 initiative in California to hand over campaign documents to gay-rights groups who are looking for evidence of anti-gay bias as they try to overturn the measure.