23 January 2010

Cuckold Rooster of a Man

Quote of the Day:
[Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid said he disdains the tough-guy style of one of his more famous predecessors, Lyndon Johnson. Reid said, "You can’t bully.” Besides, he added: “I couldn’t be Lyndon Johnson if I wanted to be. He was too crude and physical for me.”
-Adam Nagourney, in today's New York Times Magazine, about Harry Reid's lackluster turn as Majority Leader in the Senate.

My frustration with the Democrats this year isn't with the White House or even with (most) of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, but rather my deep frustration is with the Senate. The Democratic Party enjoys the strongest majority either party has had in that chamber since 1976, yet Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, has been about as hapless as they come, squandering a two-year window to really step up to the plate and get things done at a time in American history when we require big, bold Johnson-like leadership.

I understand the Republicans are largely to blame. The GOP have become the unpatriotic obstructionists, throwing down filibusters wherever they can, refusing to help the President clean up the mountainous pile of shit the Bush administration left behind. But even when the Republicans had the barest of majorities (50 seats) during the early Bush years, they slammed their agenda through the Senate. Yet Reid can't seem to do anything without 60 votes - an impossible and an un-American threshold.

He's a hapless cuckold rooster of a man, and he needs to be replaced as leader.