20 January 2010

The Dumbing Down of America Continues

So the Republican margin of victory for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat out of Massachusetts came in large part from independent voters. As one of them told a focus group:
I like what Scott Brown stands for and I feel that the Democrats cannot run the country anymore. That too many people that don’t have jobs are going hungry. They’re not taking care of business. They’re not doing their jobs. They’re caught up in this health care thing. I’m saying they’re not taking care of the people that are unemployed.
And another:
My feeling is the Democrats have really screwed up since Barack Obama has been in office, and the sooner they lose their majority the better for our country. I think I’m just very disappointed in the direction this country is taking.
That's just typical, isn't it? Americans with attention spans the size of a shriveled-up pea. Never mind that the Democratic government passed an economic stimulus bill that brought us back from the precipice; never mind that they extended unemployment benefits; never mind that without both of those bills the American economy would be a burning pile of horse shit, mired in a deep depression with unemployment nearing 15%.

Never mind any of the actual facts. Americans want their quick fix and they want it now.

Folks, the fact of the matter is the mess the Obama administration inherited was so mountainous and beyond comprehension that it will take years, if not a decade, to shovel ourselves out from under it. As Mr. Obama said the night he won the election:
The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term...
The President did not want to spend his first year preventing an economic depression. But he is playing the cards he was dealt, and in doing so has been deliberate and methodical, thoughtful and smart. Yet to most Americans, such intelligent governance comes across as lazy and without merit. "True leaders" put a band-aid on the wound for a quick fix and then move on. That's how these tea-baggers want us to attack this rotten economy - never mind that in the long run quick fixes would lead to greater calamity.

And so, in yesterday's special election in Massachusetts, a state that hasn't sent a Republican to the Senate since 1972, voters chose a fascist Republican to complete the term of the late great liberal lion, Ted Kennedy. Never mind that these fascists Republicans have proposed absolutely nothing to help fix the mess left behind by the Bush team (their counter-budget proposal literally contained no numbers!), and have instead resisted supporting the President (and by extension, the American people) at every turn. They are not the loyal opposition, they are the unpatriotic obstructionists.

So I would suggest that American voters get their heads out of their collective asses and really think this through: America is no longer staring into the abyss. The President and his administration were forced to spend their first year doing damage control and shoring up the foundation of our economy. Now it is time to start rebuilding. And it will be a long, slow crawl to recovery - mark my words.

There was no other way to approach the crisis. Rather than blame the current Democratic President for decades of Republican mismanagement, Americans would do well to think twice before punishing Mr. Obama at the polls this November. It was the Republicans, after all, who brought us here (just as it was the Democrats who took us to the edge in 1980).

So remember THAT, my fellow Americans, as we move forward toward November.

UPDATE: This post isn't to say that I am not displeased with the Democrats. But my displeasure lays more with the Senate than it does with the House or President Obama. I'll post an essay on my disenchantment with Harry Reid tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: This YouTube clip captures the reality of today's situation perfectly. A pro-Obama video from the 2008 presidential campaign...