02 March 2010

Hey Harry: Grow a Pair!

My disgust with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat-NV) grows ten-fold with each passing day. To say that Alben Barkley, Lyndon Johnson, and Mike Mansfield (superb Senate leaders from the last century) are rolling over in their graves is probably an understatement. Back in the days of Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan, a 41-member Senate minority would never get away with all the bullshit the current Republican minority pulls.

That Reid is letting Sen. Jim Bunning (Fascist-Republican, KY) get away with a"hold" on a bill extending unemployment benefits proves beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever that he is unfit to lead the chamber.

Back in the day, a true majority leader would have ruled that any member who wanted to filibuster such an important piece of legislation would have to stand on the floor and speak, non-stop, until 60 votes were achieved to shut him up or until he stopped speaking. The filibuster method in place today only requires a senator to file a filibuster (or a "hold") on a bill with no speaking and no debate. The fact that the GOP are doing this to every bill that hits the floor essentially requires every bill to pass by a super-majority. That is unconstitutional, in my view.

Bunning's filibuster against the unemployment benefits extension will result in over one million citizens being cut off from much needed funds. In this economy!? REALLY!!? What a complete and utter asshole.

But mark my words: While Bunning's move may highlight the extreme abuse of the filibuster process by the current Republican minority, it also puts the spotlight on the weak, incompetent leadership of Harry Reid. He is unworthy of his post, let alone his office.

Chris Matthews talks with Jay Newton-Small and David Corn about this asshole from Kentucky...

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