23 March 2010

The Party of No Relevancy

In one of his more important commentaries, Keith Olbermann tries to pull the Republican Party back from their high speed drive toward the proverbial cliff...

I have said it previously: Despite all their denials, these Fascist-Republican tea-baggers are indeed racist, homophobic bigots, hateful of Americans - and of America. Their collective nervous breakdown has taken place not just because the President is a Democrat (although, that has a lot to do with it - they think their fellow Republicans should control the White House permanently); not because both houses of congress are in Democratic hands...no...they are apoplectic over the fact that the President of the United States is black.

Thankfully, these whack jobs are a dying breed. Despite all the media coverage they manage to steal, their numbers are relatively small, and within a decade their relevance will be nil.

But boy, would I love to see their reactions when, in about 2024 or so, Americans vote a half Mexican, half African-American, male-to-female transgender lesbian as president!