12 March 2010

Remove Reid Now

Quote of the Day:
The House has some issues with this bill, namely that it doesn't include the infrastructure spending and aid to states and localities that were included in the $154 billion bill passed last December by the House, and that it relies heavily on tax cuts. Reid says he will bring up a jobs bill that includes those measures eventually...
-Joan McCarter, reporting for DailyKos on the recently passed unemployment extension.



With millions out of work and long term job prospects practically non-existent?!!?

Sen. Reid is such hapless fuck, it's pathetic. Why the Senate Democrats don't replace him as leader is beyond comprehension. The man has no spine and is about as incompetent as they come. Americans want to see action. They want to see a major jobs bill passed, and if the Republicans refuse to go along then they will suffer in November. But this timid shit that Reid pulls...well...it will be a bloodbath for the Democrats.