17 March 2010

Tea-Bagger Fascists

When it comes right down to it, the tea-bagger fascists of the Republican right are having this collective nervous breakdown because they just can't stand it when a Democrat is in the White House; and despite all of their statements to the contrary, the fact that the current Democratic president is black just pushes them right over the edge.

When you see videos like this, you know there is no hope for these people.

I mean...yelling and throwing things at a guy with Parkinson's disease? REALLY?!? I consider myself a compassionate person for the most part, but when I see that sort of shit I really do wish those fuckwads would get a really bad case of Parkinson's, then come back to us and tell us how they really feel about the health care insurance industry. Because it's the only way those fascist fucks learn.