10 March 2010

If the Left Defeat Health Care

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If my fellow compatriots on the left vote against the current Senate-approved health care bill because it isn't progressive enough and cause it to go down to defeat, then they will have only themselves to blame.

The fact of the matter is plain and simple, and it is this: If health care reform goes down to defeat, it will be another generation before we see congress visit the issue again. My fellow progressives may think it best to scrap the current bill and start over, but believe me when I say that no one in congress, Democrat or Republican, will want to touch the issue again for a long, long time. It will be too toxic. And America CANNOT afford to have this issue set aside for another 16 years.

Besides, most Americans want them to get this done, and move on to the more important issue of unemployment.

So to Kucinich and the rest of the left: Pass the fuckin' bill as it is, then go back and fix it. Just...for the love of Pete...GET THIS DONE.