24 July 2009

Bat-Shit Crazy Felons Gone Wild

Even when presented with evidence to the contrary, even when Chris Matthews knocks him on his ass, G. Gordon Liddy, the bat-shit crazy Watergate felon, won't let this shit go...


Ok...two key points:

1. The step-grandmother Liddy speaks of is the mother of Barack Sr's THIRD wife. The President's mother being the second wife, that would mean the mother of the third wife wasn't even in the picture when Barack Jr was born, let alone present at the time of his birth (thus, the term "STEP-grandmother").

2. My birth certificate is called "Certificate of Live Birth." It was signed by the delivering doctor on my date of birth, by the county registrar six days later, and is stamped by the state's Division of Vital Records. According to the Wikipedia page on birth certificates:
In most states, this document was, and still is, entitled a "Certificate of Live Birth".
Perhaps the President no longer has the original certificate (as much as he moved around as a kid, it is a perfectly logical conclusion), but the state of Hawaii would be able to produce an official, certified copy, stamped and signed by the state registrar, that would function as the original.

My question is this: John McCain was born in Panama. Because he was born on an American Army base, and because his parents were American citizens, he was considered eligible to run for president. How would the bat-shit crazies on the right have reacted had the left questioned McCain's citizenship?

Another point: The bill being proposed by the Fascist wing of the Republican Party that would require all presidential candidates to provide a birth certificate is typical Republican bluster...yet another attempt to keep Democrats out of the White House. It seems to be in the GOP DNA. After Franklin Roosevelt won four terms, the GOP proposed (and succeeded in) amending the Constitution limiting presidents to two terms. When Ronald Reagan rode huge popularity ratings into his second term, guess who wanted to re-amend the Constitution to allow for a third?

I'll give you three guesses. And the first two don't count.