13 July 2009

Scare In the Desert

Well, the vacation in Palm Springs wasn't exactly what everyone was expecting. I'm short on time this morning and will give you the full lowdown later, but in short I wound up in the E.R. within hours of arriving in the desert. I started experiencing pretty significant chest discomfort and pressure in the 110-degree heat and really thought I was about to have a heart attack.

After being whisked back to a bed within minutes of arriving at the hospital, it was found my heart rate was around 96 bpm and my blood pressure was something like 140/100. Early blood tests showed no signs of a heart attack and my EKG showed normal sinus rhythm, but I was admitted for observation and additional tests.

An echo cardiogram and a stress test showed no immediate problems with my heart, and medication brought my blood pressure down to normal range.

I was released Friday afternoon and had to spend the rest of my vacation out of the extreme heat. In between a lot of napping, I managed to join the gang for a trip over to the Spa Resort and Casino to gamble, and out for a dinner or two. But still, the incident put a damper on everyone's vacation.

A big hearty thanks to Brent. He was at my side through the entire ordeal, save when I told him to get some time in at the pool. Muchos gracias as well to Beth. This trip was to celebrate both Brent and Beth's birthdays and I still feel horrible that this happened while we were vacationing. And of course one last shout out to Susan and Jeff. I know this put a damper on things and scaled plans way back, but they were troopers all week long and I appreciate it.

I have an appointment to see my personal physician this afternoon. I hope to pinpoint exactly what the problem is and get it fixed. More on my stay at the Desert Regional Medical Center (on the Frank Sinatra cardiac ward, mind you) later. In the mean time, light blogging for a day or two.