20 July 2009

Whites Only

Wow...Pat Buchanan with exhibit A on why conservatives and the fascist wing of the Republican Party are out of touch, out of date, and out of ideas...

One of the key points that hasn't been presented enough in the "why did Obama nominate a hispanic female" histrionics is this: The last three appointments to the Supreme Court (Breyer, Roberts, Alito), including one by President Clinton (Breyer), have been...wait for it...brace yourselves...white men!

And the black man nominated to the court before those three? Clarence Thomas - nominated by the first Bush after less than two years as a judge. Talk about affirmative action! Where was Pat's outrage when that appointment was made? Oh, yeah...he didn't protest. That would be because Thomas was a Republican appointment and is an ultra-conservative to the point of bordering on being a fascist.