13 January 2008

The Establishment Candidate

Quote of the Day:
There were several moments when she could have said, even in a small way, that she misjudged the Iraq war. She could have conceded that, in fact, Obama's judgment was actually better than hers at the outset. Heck, many of us have been able to say such a thing, and in the end, we take our lumps but move on. But she simply cannot.

If you want yet another president who cannot say he or she made a mistake, who can never cop to errors, and who uses everything as a political tool against his or her opponents, you have your candidate.
-An American conservative who is ready to back a Democrat...if OBAMA is the nominee.

The magic of Ronald Reagan was that he knew he had the ability to bring Democratic voters to cast Republican ballots for president. Hillary Clinton, with her superb ability to read the political tea leaves, should know that she is NOT the Democratic Party's Ronald Reagan.