08 January 2008

More on the Race Argument

From Andrew Sullivan:
Tonight is the first primary - not a caucus. People get to vote in a secret ballot - not in front of their largely liberal peers, as in Iowa. [Voters] may have told the pollsters one thing about voting for a black man, but in the privacy of the voting booth, something else happens. I don't have any hard evidence for this, but the discrepancy in the polls is remarkable...The vast discrepancy between the last polls and the [actual] result puts [race] on the table. I hope it's not true. But it could be.
My partner has been arguing since last week that America is not ready to vote for a black president. I've been arguing just as passionately that we are.

For the sake of the Democratic Party - and America as a whole - I hope race isn't what caused tonight's result.