09 January 2008

It's Not Over

Just as Iowa wasn't a coronation for Barack Obama, New Hampshire is not an automatic path to the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton. Yes, her campaign is reinvigorated, and deservedly so. But the campaign continues and the remaining candidates must now present to voters in Nevada, South Carolina, the February 5th states - and beyond - the best case for their nomination.

That said, I stand by my arguments that Barack Obama is this country's best hope; and that while Hillary Clinton could very well be a superb president, she will bring out the worst in our country. Don't get me wrong...it is not her fault and I don't blame her. I blame the Republicans. Their vitriol for the Clintons is maniacal. That is just the sad state of affairs.

And so, if we have to chose between a Democratic candidate who can rally independent and Republican voters and bring a huge number of congressional seats with his coattails, and a candidate who might win with at best 48% to 50% of the vote - with the possibility of turning congress Republican to keep her hands tied...well...it's a no-brainer to me.