08 January 2008

What Happened?

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog:
If Hillary wins this, first, it's a huge victory for her. But - and the but is important - the debate will be as to how Obama had a double-digit lead coming into today and suddenly lost [it] in a matter of hours? We suspect there will be two schools of thought - either Hillary won because New Hampshire is racist, or she won because she cried. Either way, not a great message.
I wondered if that little tearful episode from yesterday was going to help her with women. Apparently it did, as exit polls show her carrying them by a 47% to 34% margin (Obama carried them by 5 points in Iowa). That could very well be all she needs to win New Hampshire tonight.

As of 7:25pm MSNBC can't project a winner and some of the college towns are still outstanding.