06 January 2008

Pissy and Shrill

This clip from last night's Democratic debate is the perfect example of why I think it would be absolutely fatal for the party to nominate Hillary Clinton for the general election in November. She's pissy, she's shrill, and I don't think American voters want an ice princess mother-figure scolding them from the Oval Office!

I talked with my mother this weekend. She hasn't made up her mind who to support in the Illinois Democratic primary, but during our discussion she said that she really thinks the country needs a woman president. I agree. But I don't think Hillary is that woman. When 51% of the country say flat out that they will not cast a vote for her, you are forced to wonder how she wins a general election. It comes down to a choice: Do we risk losing the White House for another four years? Or do we go another route, thank Sen. Clinton for what she has brought to the debate, and ask her to step aside?

For me, the answer, especially after seeing last night's exchange, is quite clear.