03 January 2008

A Prediction

No, not mine. I have no idea how the vote in Iowa will go tonight. But Douglas Burns at the Iowa Independent believes Obama has the "big mo:"
Obama doesn't sound false notes. Growing up without a father, he is the amalgamation of many male influences and ultimately the product of his own journey of self-discovery. He is that rare person who truly understands himself, and no doubt sees parts of that self in all of us. We get this in Iowa because we are all about authenticity. There aren't that many of us in Iowa so you can't escape into the anonymity of the streets. You are at once known and accoutable -- which is the beauty of holding the caucuses here.

...When the story is told on Thursday night, the narrative will be a remarkable one: Obama will cobble together western Iowa counties with ivory towered college towns and eastern cities within the shadow of his Illinois.
I am a realist and understand that my candidate, Joe Biden, has only the slimmest of chances in the Iowa caucuses tonight. If I had to make a second choice, I can say with confidence it would be Sen. Obama. And the urgency to defeat Hillary is enough for me to hope beyond hope for an Obama win.