04 January 2008

"Sometimes, Just Sometimes, There Are Nights Like This"

Last night's speech says it all. He is presidential.

He's Kennedy meets Reagan meets both Roosevelts with a bit of Bill Clinton thrown in for a little spice. Listen to his speech and you realize he is the epitome of what America needs right now. After 8 years of Fascist rule under the Bush/Cheney regime, Obama very well could be the perfect antidote. (And after 8 years of 3rd-grade-level book reports read by Mr. Bush, an adult-statesman-level speech would be oh-so-refreshing.)

More over, after listening to the Senator from Illinois speak last night, I don't know how the Democratic Party could even entertain handing the nomination to the shrill, calculating Senator from New York.

If you didn't see Sen. Obama last night then sit back and take a look. His comments will give you goosebumps...and your heart will swell with patriotism...