21 October 2008


Dim-bulb Sarah Palin, incorrectly answering a question from a third grader about the role of vice-president...

Harry Reid, the current majority leader in the Senate, responded:
Governor Palin needs to re-read - or perhaps read for the first time - the Constitution. While the Vice President presides over the Senate, he or she is not "in charge of" it.
While Article I of the Constitution states the vice-president shall preside over the Senate, it also explicitly states that they have no legislative power in the chamber unless there is a tie vote.

Some are saying Palin just doesn't know how the U.S. government works under the Constitution. That in and of itself is bad enough. But I actually think that in addition to that, the McCain handlers are feeding her that line in hopes that, should they win this election, they can send her over to Capitol Hill in an attempt to take over a chamber that will be overwhelmingly Democratic.

She'll make Cheney's assault on the Constitution look like child's play.

Save the nation, protect the Constitution: Vote OBAMA/BIDEN.