24 October 2008

More Good Polling News

More good polling news for the Obama/Biden ticket. Two more national polls show two more blow out scenarios:
New York Times/CBS News:
Obama/Biden 52%
McCain/Palin 39%

ABC News/Washington Post:
Obama/Biden 54%
McCain/Palin 43%
More importantly, new state-by-state polling continues to show a comfortable Electoral College position:
Obama/Biden 50%
McCain/Palin 40%

Obama/Biden 53%
McCain/Palin 41%

Obama/Biden 49%
McCain/Palin 42%

Obama/Biden 44%
McCain/Palin 40%
While the data shows a solid position for Sens. Obama and Biden heading into Election Day, this is by no means a done deal. As Thomas Dewey in 1948 and Barack Obama in New Hampshire this past winter can attest, the only poll that matters is the one that includes real ballots being cast by real voters on Election Day.

Be confident. Know Hope. But fight like he's 10 points down. Don't let up. Be relentless.