31 October 2008

Shady Pines

Quote of the Day:
People close to Clinton say that this baffles him, and pains him even more. And it's not hard to understand why. In Obama, he sees someone creating a new incarnation of the Democratic Party, one that has precious little to do with the version that Clinton fashioned... He sees himself being eclipsed. If Obama demonstrated that he needs Clinton's counsel, everything between them would be different. But Obama manifestly doesn't believe he does, and he refuses to pretend otherwise.
-John Heilemann, on President Clinton's campaign appearance with Sen. Barack Obama Wednesday night in Florida.

This is the first election since 1976 in which the names Bush or Clinton aren't on the ballot. I understand President Clinton's desire to want to stay relevant, and I'm sure if Obama is elected he'll want access to Clinton's counsel. But like the Bushes this January and the Kennedys before them and the Roosevelts before them, it's time for the Clintons to take a step back and let the new blood take the reins.