26 October 2008

Give Me Some Bass

While putting together some tunes for a small dinner party last night, I put two songs on the playlist, back to back, that had some absolutely wicked bass riffs. I post them here as a double Song of the Day...

First up, Fleetwood Mac's classic "Go Your Own Way." John McVie is in another realm on this track. Pay special attention at the chorus - underneath the vocals of Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, and Stevie Nicks - McVie is a one man orchestra, anchoring the track with some stellar bass riffs.

And on the other side of the musical spectrum is this funk classic from 1978. R&B legend Leon Sylvers delivers some solid, muffled bass in the intro, and then provides some wild licks through the rest of the track. Enjoy "Don't Stop, Get Off" by the Sylvers.