21 October 2008

McCain Gives Up on Colorado, Iowa, & NM

CNN's John King reports that the McCain campaign is pulling their resources out of Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico (where Obama's average leads are in the single digits), in order to pour everything into Pennsylvania (where Obama's lead is well into the double digits).

Three things: 1. This confirms that McCain's strategy is to give up on winning the popular vote and focus solely on the Electoral College;

2. Republicans have tried to contest Pennsylvania for 16 years now and have come up short every time. The state is reliably Democratic. Yes, the last two contests have been close there, but polling this year shows Obama so far ahead that McCain's gamble seems pretty desperate;

3. Should McCain somehow pull PA into the GOP column, I still don't see how the math works for him. Put Colorado, Iowa, and NM into Obama's column, add Virginia (where the Democrat is also leading by double digits) and Nevada (also an Obama lead), and McCain still loses.

This is the sure sign of a campaign in dire straits. They're flailing about before the final plunge.