21 October 2008

"Toot" and Barack

When I read Barack Obama's "Dreams From My Father," I couldn't help but admire the relationship he has with his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. On that matter, the Senator from Illinois and I journeyed the same path. From birth until 12 years old (save a year-and-a-half in L.A.), it was my mother and grandmother who raised me; and even beyond the age of 12, many weekends and summers were spent in my grandmother's company. In the absence of my father, "Grandma Mom" was the co-parent with my mother. Both women gave up so much in order to put food on the table and to keep my sisters and me in clothes and under a dry roof.

Today my thoughts are with Sen. Obama, as he gets ready to leave the campaign trail for a couple of days so that he can travel to Hawaii to visit his ailing "Toot." With the election two weeks off and the possibility of him taking the helm very strong, this may be the last chance he gets to see her.

God speed, "Toot." And hang in there, Senator.