20 October 2008

Future of Respect

Quote of the Day:
We can’t tell the voters that they can vote against Prop 8 on one hand, and preserve a homophobic public policy on the other. They can’t, and they know it and we should have asked, not just for the status quo of the last five months, but for a future of respect. We could have described that future in an attractive way and I think we’d be in better shape today if we had.
-Ann Rostow in the Bay Area Times, predicting that discrimination will be added to the California State Constitution via Proposition 8.

It is absolutely vital that Prop 8 fails. I know I've asked before, but I'm asking again - and will keep asking between now and Election Day - please throw a few bucks the No on Prop 8 campaign. Even if it's just $5...every little bit helps.

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