26 October 2008

On Prop 8: NO!

fascism: (noun), an extreme form of nationalism that rejects individual freedom, individualism, democracy, and limitations on state.
(see "Mormon")

This is very simple, really. The California State Constitution exists in order to guarantee individual rights, liberty, and equal justice under the law. Those who want to pass Proposition 8, the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would define marriage as between one man and one woman, would like to graffiti the document with discrimination and hatred.

Californians must reject this ballot measure outright.

The argument of the fascists pushing this amendment is that gay unions somehow undermine the sanctity of traditional marriage. The facts, however, are not on their side. Gay couples have been able to wed legally in California since June and heterosexual marriages seem to be doing just fine. The preacher and his wife in New Castle haven't blown up; the marriage license line at City Hall in Modesto hasn't turned into to some gay pride event; and the divorce rate in California remains right where it was in May. The same goes for Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been legal for several years now. Everyone is fine, the Earth hasn't opened up to swallow us all whole.

No. What this essential comes down to is that the right wing fascists of the Mormon Church are hateful bigots with absolutely no idea what they're talking about. I mean, a church known for its polygamist past should be the last group to preach to others about the meaning of marriage.

When it comes right down to it, this amendment proposal has nothing to do with marriage - and everything to do with being gay. If you folks want to preach to the rafters about your view of "traditional marriage," fine...go for it. As Americans that is your right. But don't try to force your views on the rest of us by way of the ballot box. Until you criticize the trashing of straight marriage and support a constitutional amendment banning straight divorce, no one should take you seriously. Until you stand up and fight Britney Spears and Madonna just as hard as you fight the gay community, you have no moral ground on which to stand.

Facts are facts: You folks pushing this hate amendment aren't pro-marriage. You're anti-gay. And Californians should reject Proposition 8 on November 4th.