25 October 2008

For Congress: A Write-In

When the Democrats took control of congress two years ago, I was among the first to say that impeachment should be kept off the table. I was wrong and changed my tune within months of the new congress taking office. One only need look at the trashed state of our nation and the Constitution to realize that if ever there was a case for impeachment of a president (and vice-president), this is it.

Yet my congresswoman, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, refused to take up the issue. In fact she has been the queen of capitulation from the get go, giving in to the incompetent and highly unpopular administration on issue after issue, from impeachment to FISA.

Unfortunately Pelosi had no major competition in the Democratic primary earlier this year, and she has only token opposition for the general election in Cindy Sheehan's independent candidacy. The Speaker will coast to re-election next week.

But she'll do so without my vote.

No, I'm not abstaining. No, I'm not voting for Sheehan (who, by the way, might surprise us all with a stronger than expected showing on Election Day). And no, of course I'm not voting for the Republican candidate. Instead, I'm tipping my hat to a San Francisco resident who, like me, has had it with Pelosi's lack of cajones. A passionate progressive here in the 8th congressional district who had a spirited debate with me through out the Democratic primary campaign, casting his vote for Hillary Clinton while I backed Barack Obama. His strong values on many causes are near and dear to the residents of this great city, and he has put his money, sweat, and tears where his mouth is by taking part in the 545-mile San Francisco to Los Angeles AIDS Lifecycle ride.

On November 4th, I will cast a write-in vote in order to send a signal to Speaker Pelosi that she needs to grow a spine. I will be casting my vote for United States Representative for Larry Litalien.

I urge anyone reading from the 8th district to join me. Pelosi's a shoo-in, but let's send her a strong message.