28 October 2008

Republicans Against Prop 8

There used to be a time when conservatives would have fought against soiling the state's constitution with anti-gay graffiti. The whole premise of old-school conservatism was to keep government out of our lives. In fact, in 1978 Ronald Reagan spoke out against the Briggs Amendment, a ballot proposal that would have banned gay and lesbian Californians from teaching in public schools. The proposal failed at the ballot box in large part because of Reagan's stance on the issue.

But the modern day conservative movement has been taken over by the christian fascists, and they are hell bent on forcing their narrow morals on the rest of the country.

So I was happy to see this ad yesterday. Real Republicans taking the true conservative stand on Prop 8:

The results on this ballot measure will likely be close. But it's vital that the proposition be rejected. You can do your part by donating here.