15 October 2008

Debate # 3

I'm SOOO glad these debates are over. If you count the primary debates of both political parties plus the four debates of this general election campaign, there have been between 45 and 50 of these damn things - and my brain hurts from thinking about them all.

As for tonight, once again Barack Obama won - hands down. Obama was clearly, plainly, and without a doubt cool-headed and presidential; while McCain came across as cranky and way out of focus. The Republican candidate attempted to throw tons of dirt at his Democratic opponent tonight, only to find that Obama didn't take the bait, causing McCain a great deal of frustration throughout the entire affair.

If McCain was hoping for a "game changer," he didn't get it. If anything, this debate will solidify Barack Obama's comfortable lead in the polls. Don't get me wrong...by any measure Obama is not guaranteed victory on November 4th (with 20 days to go, anything can happen), but I feel very confident. Because following 8 years of incompetence, American voters weren't looking for a debate on fucking William Ayers and Joe the plumber. They wanted substance and gravitas, not negativity and crankiness.

Obama won the debate, hands down.

American voters agree. Insta-polls show Obama winning rather easily:
Obama 53%
McCain 22%

Obama 58%
McCain 31%
Then there was this...

Uhhh...Sen. McCain...the Secret Service would like to speak with you please.

Ok...enough of the debates. On to the last 19 days. Upward and onward...Obama for President... know hope!