13 October 2008

Which Election Was It?

A young upstart Democratic United States Senator ran against a sitting two-term Republican Vice-President, arguing that the United States was falling behind and losing focus in the Cold War against Communism after eight years of GOP rule.

On Election Day the Democrat won one of the slimmest popular vote margins in the history of the nation - and a comfortable, but fragile, Electoral College victory.

Democratic ticket: 303 electoral votes (and 49.7% of the national vote)
Republican ticket: 219 electoral votes (and 49.5% of the national vote)
Independent: 15 electoral votes

The independent really wasn't an official candidate. When the Electoral College met in December of this election year, all of Mississippi's 8 electors, plus 6 of Alabama's 11, and 1 of Oklahoma's eight, cast ballots for a racial segregationist rather than the Democratic or Republican candidates.

The answer as to "Which Election Was It?" tomorrow.