15 October 2008

What Is In the Florida Water?

Rep. Tim Mahoney (Democrat-FL), the guy who won the state's congressional seat in the 16th district after Republican Mark Foley admitted to a "sex-texting" scandal with teenage congressional pages in 2006, has admitted to extra-marital affairs with two women.

As I've said before, these extra-marital things don't bother me anywhere near as bad as they do most Americans. But this is one of those situations where the candidate campaigned on a promise to return moral and family values to the congressional district following the embarrassment of the Foley situation. You don't do that and then turn around and dip your stick in a woman you're not married to.

I think it's safe to say that FL-16 can be moved from the Democratic column back to the Republican column on Election Day.

The stupid idiot.